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Welcome Back Students and Staff!  It is Going to Be a Great Year at New Directions!
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New Directions students participate in Yoga and Zumba on a weekly basis to build healthy minds and bodies.  These opportunities allow students to develop good habits, manage stress, and engage in physical activities that can be continued throughout their lives.  At New Directions, a World Class education includes helping students establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to be effective community members!


Spanish students participated in the annual field trip to La Tasca in Arlington, Virginia to practice their Spanish language skills, learn about the Flamenco Dance and the role a guitarist plays in the performance.  Students were able to participate directly in the dance which included a review of instruments and costumes.  As you can see, audience participation was encouraged!  Ole’!

Students Earn SeaPerch Judges Award

Welnior Chilin and Chris Alexander are winners of the Judges Award at the 2013 SeaPerch Regional Competition.  The recognition is for the team the exhibited the best teamwork, sportsmanship, and collaboration at the event.  The journey is as important as the destination.  Chris and Welnior exemplify the qualities of the award, and a great deal more.  Congratulations!

New Directions in Equine Therapy!

Students visited the Rainbow Therapeutic Riding Center in Haymarket, Virginia and learned how equine therapy can assist people to interact with others and lead better lives.   Rainbow, a non-profit center, provides equine therapies to ages four to adult with physical, intellectual, emotional and educational needs.  The group participated in a variety of activities which included equine care, training, and therapy.  Students were able to see firsthand that animal husbandry  is not only about rearing farm animals but how animals and people can positively impact one-another.

Colonial Williamsburg Brings United States History to Life!

English Language and History students visited Colonial Williamsburg, participated in mock legislative and trial sessions, and learned how colonists lived, played, and worked together during the latter part of the 18th century.  The significant impact immigration and international commerce had on the development of the United States was a focal point of discussions during the day.  Students noted then, as it is now, that we are a better nation for having such a rich and diverse culture and economy.

New Directions Celebrates Students "On a Roll"

Students were recognized by their peers and staff for acts of kindness, assistance, and good will with a donut and hot chocolate brunch sponsored by Mr. Lonny Rotz of Dunkin Donuts.  The celebration included T-Shirt presentations with the school's vision statement:  New Visions, New Choices, New Directions.  T-Shirt Tuesday will focus on school vision and spirit highlighting those that serve and support others.  A monthly celebration will be held to recognize new students noted for being "On an Roll".  The goal is for each student to earn recognition as the year progresses.   A special thanks to Mr. Rotz for his and Dunkin Donuts generous support of our school!

George Mason University States: Team Synergy Rocks!

Team Synergy spent the day at “The Edge” at George Mason University (GMU) engaged in team building activities.  Bruce Keith, GMU/The Edge facilitator, stated “It was very inspiring, for me, to observe the caring, respect, support, and love they showed each other as the day progressed.  I have not had another group this year that came close to demonstrating these very positive characteristics the way your students did-that includes college and adult groups.  Team Synergy Rocks."  Our students are awesome.  Well done Team!

"What You Do Matters"

Students and staff toured the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC.  A living memorial, our school community experienced firsthand how “to confront hatred, prevent genocide, and promote human dignity.”  The opportunity was made possible by the advocacy of Sophomore Sierra Patterson, who created a digital presentation targeting the benefits and learning outcomes associated with a visit to the museum.  One person can make a difference so others can change the world for the better!

New Directions Students and Staff Win National Award!

The students and staff of New Directions were recognized with the 2013 Crystal Star Award of Excellence in Dropout Recovery, Intervention, and Prevention from the National Dropout Prevention Center Network.  The award, the highest achievement for schools or programs in this arena, is a testament to the outstanding students and World Class staff at New Directions.

Ms. Karre Jones Wins Virginia Counselor Award!

Ms. Karre Jones, Senior counselor at New Directions Alternative Education Center, has been named the Virginia winner of the 2013 Caring and Humanitarian Award by the Virginia Counselors Association (VCA).  Ms. Jones was the award winner at the local level and now at the state level.

She was recognized by the state association for this achievement on November 8, 2013 at the VCA Convention in Homestead, Virginia.

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